The Party Is Over.

The Party Is Over.

Hey Party People,

First let me say happy belated New Year to all of you. I know it been so long since I posted here and that is why I am here to tell you, what has been going on since I last posted. So as we know Ari Party Hair is a wig brand. I really only wanted to work wig wig vs bundles. Well things have changed. I doing research in the last year I found that hair companies typically offer both. Most of the time wig and bundle clients fit the same demographics. It seems rude to ignore a potential customer. I also decided to streamline my websites and product offerings. With all the stuff I was offering my website start to fell like a overstocked beauty supply store. So, I got in there and cleared out all  the offerings and tabs that did not make sense. I want people to get right to the product they want. Speaking of products you want.

What products would you like to see Ari Party Hair offer?  

Are you all interested in tape-in or tip hair extensions 

I can not talk about this year without speaking on content creation! Creating content has been quite the roller coaster. I have gone from posting small clips a picture weekly . To posting just about everything just about everyday. Instagram reels have been the most fun. Getting to know my followers is also fun. So my goals are to incorporate more content that gets people engaging with me more. The engagement  helps me gather information. I would love to do some sort of collaboration or even be interviewed or maybe interview someone. Who knows? Overall I am enjoying creating content. I am naturally creative and an idea machine. So, Instagram is nice for me to express myself in front of a larger audience. I think at some point I find myself  being bored with myself and so instead of going out and trying something new I just elevated on what I am already doing. 

You ever get bored with what you're doing, even though you're sure you still want to do it?


I will say that I am very happy with the progress of where I am going. I am enjoying seeing what cam become of this brand . I am just very curious about my company more that I was in the beginning, I am really getting to know my own brand. I believe part of it will come from you, Party people! I think that over this year you gonna show me what you want in a hair company and I'm gonna bring it to you. 

This year I would also like to have a few clients of my own. Not a lot just like 5-7 people who's hair I do consistently. I don't want a ton of people coming by but a small few would be nice. I am still getting better with braiding. Once I got parting down now its all about managing the thickness of the braids and neatness of course. I will say that braiding hair is harder than I thought. I really enjoying the place of being a student because it just tells me that I can only go up from here. I will probably get a mannequin for braiding, just to practice on. 

This year is probably gonna be my hardest year. I have a lot to do a lot to accomplish a lot to learn , and a lot of a lot of a lot.  The party is over, and it is time to hit the after hour. It's time for late night of editing, practicing, creating, brainstorming. The only way this is going to work is if I WERK it!

This year I also tested out some fitness products. They sold well actually but I pulled back on that as well because like I said in the beginning my brand was becoming crowded, and things felt messy. Ari Party Hair will be just that, and when I want to add lifestyle products I will do the under a different brand that is about clothing and fitness. I can see that doing well on its own, and so I would like to set it up to be as appealing as possible. 

Well that's all the time of yours I'm gonna take. Stay safe Party People

Love, Ari Party!

What else is goin on with Ari Party hmmmm... Well stay turned to find out what is going on more in depth. 

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