Hair FAQ

Hair FAQ


This FAQ is for bundles and wigs. The information applies to wigs and bundles.


What is a bundle of hair ?

A bundle is bulk hair that has been sewn on to a weft.

Bundles comes in many variations.


Where is this hair from?

Most hair comes from either China or India.


Can I wash my bundles/wigs?


 Yes ,this hair can be wash a worn over and over again. Using good hair conditioner (with no extra oil) and serum will keep your hair looking fresh. Avoid using heavy oils.


How long can I keep my hair?


Hair can last for 1-2 years. The better you treat your hair the longer it will last.


Can my hair be dyed?

Yes. I recommend having your hair dyed by a colorist or someone with coloring experience and knowledge.


How do I protect my hair?


By keeping it hydrated. A few sprays of a leave in conditioning spray and detangling as needed.Do not sleep in wet hair. Sleeping in wet hair can cause the hair to become matted.


How many bundles will I need ?


8-14 inches 2

16-26 inches 3

28  and up 4


Keep in mind that these are only suggested amounts.


Can I Choose the density on my wig?

Yes, wig density is available up to 250%.

You may also choose your cap size.


What’s the longest bundle you carry?

Longest is 30 inches