Mention it All

Mention it All

Hey Party People! 

Today I decided to take a poll to find out how many of you do your hair yourself.

So many of you are just like me ! 

We take care of our hair ourselves most of the time , for whatever reason we have become accustom to standing in front of the mirror and trusting the process. 

To make things a little simpler I would like to share with you a list of hair supplies that you may find helpful in your beauty supply kit. 

For the rest of you this is a great list to have for supplies needed for touch ups in between styles! 

So if you like press and curls, wigs, bouncy weaves, and braids this list is for you! 

Again, most of the time I do my own hair. Here is a checklist of the must have products and tools I need in my personal hair supply to keep my hair looking fine!

Lace adhesive
Lace adhesive remover
Rat Tail comb
Edge Brush
Wig Brush
Heat Protector
Flat Iron
Hair Spray
Ari Party Bundles
Wig Jelly
Elastic bands
Edge scarf
Hair bonding Glue
Hair Bonding glue remover

Lace tint
Makeup brush
Hair Oil
Hair Moisturizer
Hot Comb Stove and electric
Tiny Flat Irons
Curling Iron

Braiding hair 

I know it’s a long list but I hope it comes in handy for you.


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