Ari Party Hair LLC


First I want to Say Thank You for taking time to learn about Ari Party Hair. I started my brand as a way to free myself from working for someone else for the rest of my life. When the world shutdown I had to make a choice to either sink or swim. i choose to invest in my future. Ari Party Hair LLC was started as a way to supplement my income. I no longer was okay with my livelihood being in the hands of businesses that could shutdown or close at any moment. This company was created as way pathway to help me build success. The goal for me is to support others who are on the same journey to become successful. Hair is important to us no matter how we choose to wear it. I support anyone trying to get to the bag. I wanted to create a space where professionals can shop for things that are going to help take our business and brands to the next level. I am here to cater to those of you who want something more, the believers, and the dreamers. You and I are in this together. Ari Party Hair LLC is here to celebrate the journey.