Clear eyed view

Clear eyed view

Ari Party Hair is not just about selling hair. We are also about Black hair culture. While some may dream of a hair salon or traveling slaying lace for the baddies of the world @partygirlxari desires something a little different. Our goal is to create a space ( Ari Party Hair Gallery) where black hair is acknowledge. Imagine a space where we come together to say thank you all of the people who are laying the ground word for the black hair industry. Imagine a space where stylist can come in from all over and teach local aspiring hairstylist their techniques. Imagine a space where this young lady can come and meet people who she inspires. There would be a small salon space and retail of course to sell @aripartyhair and other products. In the beginning, @partygirlxari did not always know what she wanted this brand to turn into, but we see a lot of people craving information on how to do just about anything. We want to be apart of peoples journey to succeeding.

Over the last few days I’ve been able to connect with more people online. Building my Audience has been the hardest I’ve had to do on social messi so far. I really had to cut down on trying to run multiple pages so that I can just focus on building my instagram. I haven’t even began to use Tiktok seriously. I see myself as more in a space of finding my hair community, business community, and hobby community. I know my product aligns with the people I’m around and the things I like to do, but converting those people into customers is challenging. I would agree that in the beginning I was not 100% confident in the quality of my product because I didn't really know what people expected out of hair in general . I can say now that I’ve been working on this brand for so long and I’m very proud of the product I’m selling.  I really want to see this company evolve in to something great. My big ideas come with a big foundation and a lot of hard work in the beginning. Thank you for spending a little more time with me Party People.


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